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Project Description

Taking part in the #creativeglowchallenge from @_abidesign on Instagram I created a branding including a primary and secondary logo, a logo mark, box design, thank you card and a product sheet for “Take Care” a self care subscription box. 


Take Care is a month subcrption box aimed at millennial women who like to treat themselves and take time for selfceare without breaking their bank account. I wanted the branding to look fun and bold, standing out against competitors that are already on the market and mostly rely on earthy colours and more mindful approach to self care.



For Take Care I mixed a timeless and bold serif font with modern gradient. The gradient isn’t just part of the logo design but a referenced all over the branding from the thank you card to the fun tape to package up the box. 


I added a product sheet to show off some potential print design. It’s important that the customers know where there products are coming from, how to use them and why there were picked for the box, so I wanted to give enough space for a little information text to go with every product. 


Take Care is a passion project for a creative challenge not a real client.