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Onigiri Miya


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Project Description

Sometimes, when you really love a thing, you just gotta take an idea and run with it. That’s how I decided to create a brand strategy and design for  Onigiri Miya, a fictional onigiri restaurant from my favourite anime Haikyuu.

Onigiri Miya promises to make every customer feel satisfied. Only the best ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, will go into the food they provide.

Overall, the brand is down-to-earth, traditional with a touch of contemporary. Onigiri Miya encapsulates the words heartfelt and caring.  To bring all of those things across the brand design is filled with subtle nods to the passion for food and Miya-san’s mission and motivation through colour, imagery, and illustrations. This will appeal to the broader audience and wide demographic Onigiri Miya servers. 


Onigiri Miya is a passion project.